I have a vision

Of a world where:

We are all equal

There is no stigma around mental health, depression and anxiety

We are all taught tools from an early age to tap into the sunshine in our brains and cultivate our unique version of “happy”

We all support each other, embrace and learn from our differences

We all create safe spaces to grow and learn.

We all practice being mindful and in the moment

We all take care of our minds as well as our bodies

We can, at any moment in our day…

Breathe & Start Again

  • I am qualified

    I am a trained meditation, mindfulness and relaxation coach

  • I do this work on myself

    I love to share the tried and tested tools and meditation practices that have transformed my life

  • I am passionate about taking the stigma out of mental health

    My life’s work is to be open about mental health and how it affects our lives. The more we talk about it, the more we can help ourselves.  This includes stress, depression, anxiety, over-whelm and not being as happy as you feel you could be

  • I can encourage, motivate and show you how to create a daily routine

    It’s impossible to do this on your own. My clients have bought books, done courses but still they don’t do the work.  That’s where I come in. Call me your personal cheerleader.  I have helped people create habits that change their mood and how they feel

  • I like to have fun

    Mental health or low mood is serious. You might be in a place where you haven’t felt you are truly having fun for a long time. I can help you be present to put that laughter back into your life

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